Our Mission

Create space to contribute to a better quality of life.

Our Story

Our journey started in 2016. We started out as a bunch of friends who wanted to work in a more productive environment instead of our living rooms. We wanted to build a place and community where every person could feel more fulfilled after a day of work.

This vision turned into Humgy, coworking spaces that bring out the most productive version of you!

Our values


Focus makes sure that people can work concentrated for longer periods of time. We believe this is only possible by being in an environment where we can find calmness. Where we feel safe. Where we can be ourselves, so we can develop our individual and ideal way of working.


We offer our members a starting place for structure by offering a space where a routine can be developed. This makes sure that even the most chaotic workers can find clarity. We offer a base routine way of work. Every member can adjust this routine to own needs.


We believe in our power and drive to go for something and be persistent to achieve it. We do this with our physical and mental health in mind to be able to act and react in our best possible way. .

We walk our talk

How we deliver focus

The variety of different kinds of areas in our coworking spaces brings that focus. We do our core work in deepwork spaces, have meetings in standing meeting rooms, call in phone booths and rest when needed.

How we deliver structure

With the Humgy method we have developed an ideal way of using our spaces. With our day-planner, you can plan your work day and get things done in no-time.

How we deliver energy

Our hammocks and meditation cushions in the zen zone create the perfect spot to rest and to give your mind a break. The free water, tea, coffee, fruit, muesli and dairy-free yoghurt keeps you nurtured to stay energized throughout the day.