Our Mission

Create space to contribute to a better quality of life.

A unique way of working

Our spaces allow you to plan your day and work on specific tasks in therefor designed areas.

, Humgy Method

Deepwork zone

Enjoy complete flexibility by stopping your contract whenever you want

, Humgy Method

Zen zone

No energy without good rest. A hammock or meditation cushion gives you that ultimate break.

, Humgy Method

Standing, walking and cycling desks

A day of sitting damages our physical health so let’s implement some movement in our days!

, Humgy Method

Standing meeting room

Meetings can take up too much time. A standing meeting room helps to meet in a more efficient way.

, Humgy Method

Phone lock boxes

Lock your primary distraction for a set period of time so you can enjoy a more relaxed way of working.

, Humgy Method

Phone booths

The phone booths offer privacy and quietness during your most important calls.